What is Anomaly

Anomaly (/əˈnɒm(ə)li/): something that deviates from what is standard, normal,chemistry helper or expected.

Anomaly is my space of creative built with love and passion offering creative digital strategies and solutions that look good and work great.



Brand is not just about logo. It represents your personality and it’s one way to achieve your marketing goals.

Graphic Design

Magazine, booklet, flyer, banner, infographics, business cards, you name it. We offer printed and digital creative designs.

Web Design

A corporate company? Law Firm? Creative agency? Fitness Trainer? Artist? Influencer? You definitely need a website or two.

UI/UX Design

Not just your latest iPhone screen, tablet and desktop screen, we deliver attractive User Interface experience for kiosk machines too.

SEO Services

Aiming to deliver your website to reach its highest optimisation possible.

Social Media Marketing

Not just sharing contents, we grow every social media and its engagements. Yes, every social media, even your pet’s.